Sustainable Super User Development and Coordination

Service Overview

While we talk about Super Users, the real target here is Business Process Execution Excellence.  Super User Networks are a great way to make significant progress towards this goal but simply engaging the army of passionate people you already have in your organization.  What’s not to love about this!

We have a customizable model for building and sustaining a high value Super User Community in your business.  This structure enables and supports more productive and accurate use of your core ERP systems.  As well, this structure creates a support bridge between the business and IT.  This model contains the structure for your Community along with templates, samples, and checklists for standing up your Community, and sustaining it for the long haul.

Check out our 30 minute educational video, from our Jumpstart Workshop, an immersion in understanding the 4 phases and 17 activity areas required  do this right.

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