What are SAP Super Users and What Makes Them So Valuable to the Business?

Understanding why a SAP installation needs Super Users begins with asking “what is a SAP Super User?” When one understands the answer to that question, there is no need to ask why they are so valuable to the business.

To understand what a SAP Super User is, let’s start by referencing Joe Dollries’ post called “SAP Super User – What Does It Take To Be One?” In this post, he provides the following advice for a SAP Super User.

SAP Super Users“The first thing to understand as a SAP Super User is that you are the first line of support for your customers (your colleagues using SAP).When they need help running a transaction, identifying the source of a problem, or understanding integration points, they turn to you for answers. This will take a solid understanding of SAP, knowledge of your business processes and a great deal of patience. The patience becomes imperative when you are asked the same question for the eleventh time.”

So, a Super User is an answer person for SAP at the local level, where the action is. However, Joe goes on to say that an SAP Super User is also a liaison between the technical staff and the user group. He also adds that a Super User can be called upon to perform testing of new SAP versions; and must be ready to provide user training, sometime at a moments notice.

Our previous post surely supports these points by equating the SAP Super User to a “first responder”. A First Responder is that neighbor that comes to your aid during a catastrophic event before even the Police or Fire Department can reach you.

The Super User brings tremendous value to the business by keeping the SAP implementation running smoothly right at the core of the business. The SAP Super User provides that first line support, training and testing with real-world first-hand experience.

The Super User experiences challenges beyond the day-to-day responsibilities that Joe so effectively described in his post. ASUG created an SAP Super User 101 Slideshare that expands the discussion by, among other things, describing the “villains” of the Super Users:

  • Loss of Communication
  • Weakened Support
  • Loss of Resources

The way that a Super User fights these villains is through building a structured sustainable community that includes continuous learning coupled with rewards, recognition and growth opportunities. But where does the SAP Super User turn for answers and direction? The Super User should reach out to the Super User community. No one understands the SAP Super User’s needs better than other SAP Super Users.

SAPinsight is a community and a Super User conference. Register for the first annual Super User conference dedicated to the providing a community of peers for suggestions on tools and training for the Super User. The conference is on December 4th and 5th in Dallas. To learn more about SAPinsight go to SAPinsight.com

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