Where does a SAP Super User Turn for Answers?

SAP Super Users are the ‘first responders’ within their group when a SAP problem is encountered, a question is raised, or immediate training is required. But, where does the SAP Super User go for answers and support?

SAP Super User Conference SAPinsightCommunity is the place for a Super User to turn. No one understands a Super User better than another Super User. Super Users can share their concerns and experiences with others that truly understand from within their own community. The exchange of ideas in this way strengthens the entire community.

These days, community is often thought of as social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and others. This is great in a time when there is so little time. There is  no doubt that this method of getting answers quickly or just getting that little bit of empathy when critically needed is incredibly effective. Social Media allows us to tap into the ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’ without consideration of proximity.

However, there is still that need of personal interaction, such as a handshake, face-time and the comradeship that cannot be completely duplicated through electronic communications. For that, the value of a user conference dedicated to SAP Super User cannot be matched.

The personal interaction enjoyed at a user conference provides us the ability to answer questions that we did not know we weren’t asking, but, should be asking. This expansion of our knowledge base through experiential learning becomes the most valuable asset that we can bring back to our company and to the people we support. This expanded knowledge base makes us better Super Users.

To provide these opportunities, SAPinsight, the only community dedicated to the SAP Super User, is presenting SAPinsight 2013, the first conference dedicated to the SAP Super User. This conference focuses specifically on the learning, networking, product and services needed by SAP Super Users, their coordinators, managers and executive sponsors. (The ASUG Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter meeting will be co-locating with the inaugural 2013 SAPinsight Super User Conference. The ASUG DFW Chapter meeting starts on December 5th – more details below.)

The SAPinsight 2013 conference shares information on processes and tools. In addition, the Super User gains new colleagues and friends and develops new relationships.  This creates a trusted network that can be reached for solving problems for years to come. This personal interaction further strengthens the ability to interact on a more personal basis through social networks.

The SAPinsight conference offers networking and discussions with industry specialists, whom have deep tool and service experience. Everyone walks away with at least one great improvement idea that will strengthen their company’s ability to perform effectively.

SAPinsight 2013 is being held in Dallas Texas on December 4th and 5th at the Intercontinental Hotel Dallas. Register for SAPinsight 2013 here, now. Seats are limited. For more information on the agenda, you can check out the SAPinsight schedule.

On Thursday, December 5th, the ASUG Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter will join the conference, and represent all slices of the SAP ecosystem, SAP BusinessObjects and a full-day hands-on training BI/BW on HANA. Register for the ASUG DFW Winter Chapter Meeting here.

We will see you at the inaugural SAPinsight SAP Super User Conference!

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