Sustainable Super User Programs are Built on a Solid Super User Model

According to a survey by Insite Objects, 72% of the SAP Community uses some form of the Super User Model. What are the benefits Super Users bring to an organization implementing SAP?

  • Engages business people
  • Reduces time and cost
  • Increases ROI

SAP Super User Conferences and ForumsThe benefits a Super User brings to an initial SAP project implementation are the project will be better accepted by the users and the design will be validated by the business.

However, the real value to the organization happens past the implementation of the project, during the ongoing involvement and engagement of the Super User. Extending the value of the Super User beyond the implementation of the project can be challenging, but truly worth it. To successfully experience the value of SAP Super Users, a Super User sustainable program must be created and supported by executive management..  

Maintaining a sustainable Super User Program needs a firm commitment from executive management because the Super User needs support; from upper management, the IT staff, SAP, and their own Users.

.A sustainable program can only be attained on the foundation of a solid Super User Model. A solid Super User Model begins and ends with meeting the needs of the Super User. So, what does a Super User need?

  • Communication channels with all stakeholders
  • Training
  • Support
  • Documentation
  • Tools (technology/product)
  • Recognition

In addition, a Super User needs to be able to participate in an SAP Super User Community that extends beyond their enterprise to stay connected for ideas, information, and collaboration with the only people who truly understand a Super User’s needs. That is another SAP Super User. This Community can be made available through Social Media, Forums and Conferences.

SAPinsight provides community through a forum, webinars, regional huddles and face-to-face conferences. These different communication channels and venues share information on processes and tools specific to the SAP Super User’s needs. In addition, the SAP Super User gains new colleagues and friends and develops new relationships, both online and in person. This creates a trusted network that can be reached for solving problems for years to come.

The truly valuable benefits to an organization that has implemented SAP is through a sustainable SAP Super User Program. The foundation of a sustainable Super User program is on a solid Super User Model that embraces the needs of the Super Users.

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