See Examples of Collaborative Content Development Products for the SAP Super User

The SAP Super User is the conduit to timely, accurate, and productive use of a critical enterprise asset, SAP. As a function of this support role, they create transaction support documents, job aids, process training content, and more, during day-to-day and project-to-project support for their users.

The SAP Super User often needs technology solutions to help them support their users during the rollout, maintenance and upgrades of SAP software. Products that assist with these efforts need to facilitate the development of that support through team input and cover the complete application life-cycle.

hands in collaboration productsA Collaborative Content Development Platform (CCDP), also referred to as an Electronic Performance Support system (EPSS), can provide on-demand learning, practice exercises, and onscreen help. As Deborah Alpert Sleight stated in her article What is Electronic Performance Support and What Isn’t?, “Online Help is closest to an EPSS, but because it does not provide access to the tools needed to do a task, but only information, it cannot be considered an EPSS.” The SAP Super User needs robust tools.

TracePoint, a consulting service company and SAPinsight Community Sponsor, states, “As part of our blended learning approach we understand that customers want to work with a Collaborative Content Development Platform to help drive user productivity, mitigate risk, standardize business processes and reduce training costs.” TracePoint makes references to the following products. (descriptions are captured directly from the respective vendor’s page.)

  • Ancile uPerform “is an authoring and content management tool that delivers targeted, high-quality learning content to employees. It allows authors with no programming experience to create, edit, and publish procedures, task-based simulations, and eLearning courses, and then quickly deploy the content to the entire workforce via the web.”
  • Oracle UPK Professional “is an easy-to-use and comprehensive content development, deployment, and maintenance platform for increasing project, program, and user productivity.”
  • SAP Workforce Performance Builder “can help you achieve real operational efficiency by giving your SAP communities the help and information they need, precisely when they need it. It can help your organization create, edit, deploy, and track context-sensitive user help, transaction documentation, simulations, test scripts, and rapid e-learning with unmatched power and flexibility.”

The use of a Collaborative Content Development Platform can be a critical tool for the SAP Super Users. As a Super User, you can gain a great deal by sharing experiences with peers. Connect with the SAPinsight Community by following our blog, or friend us on your favorite Social Media channel listed in the right sidebar. Share your experiences regarding the tools and technology you use or need with your fellow Super Users.

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