Training is Needed for SAP Super Users – Let’s Get the Discussion Started

The Cobbler’s Kids Have No Shoes!

My experience with you, the SAP Super Users, is that you selflessly provide training and support to your end users.  Many times you first have to create the support and training documents to provide that service;  all the while continuing to keep up with your “real” job.  Most of you do that with a personal passion that is humbling to me.

start a discussionWhile there is learning that takes place for you during documentation/training creation and delivery, you need something more robust to bring your knowledge base to a higher level.  You need training geared and targeted specifically to your greater knowledge and performance needs.

Those of you that attended our 1st Super User Conference in Dallas Dec 4th & 5th 2013 heard that we are moving to change the tide.  Let’s get the dialog started.  In order for you to get what you need, we all have to get this discussion started.

What should that training look like?  What do you need?  Not knowing exactly what you need is a fair response.  Knowing that helps to drive the discussions.  We all have to be involved in the “it takes a village” discussion that Kerry Brown, SAP VP Enablement, opened up at the conference.

Let’s hear from you.  This is a call to all of you to help drive more offerings for you. What do you want to have available?

Provide your thoughts and suggestions in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section below.

4 thoughts on “Training is Needed for SAP Super Users – Let’s Get the Discussion Started

  1. Often times I am not sure what training I need as a super user. My area I struggle with is finding the answers when I don’t know. I am not savy at all in going to SAPs support pages and finding answers. When I do search I find there are many options and I’m not quite sure which one would apply to my specific situation/configuration. We don’t have the IT “research analysts” like we used to in my department so I also am needing to know more about how to dig around and understand the configuration and technical side. It would be nice to find better ways to determine how a process would work in SAP “out of the box” and from there we could likely determine how it would apply to our company’s setup/usage. Mainly for the more in depth/detailed questions. The basic stuff is usually covered. I am often at a loss on how to answer for my end users those unique questions. I need a quick way to get to the information to help bring me up to speed on a topic in order to complete my research. We need a “super user” for the super user! Not sure there is any one way to get to that type of person in SAP. I do try to utilize groups and sites out there for finding answers There are times it would be nice to actually talk with someone and compare notes/questions.

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  3. As a SAP Solution Centre (within a company that has recently ‘gone live’ with SAP) we’ve started meeting with our super user communities on a monthly basis. Super users were asked to send on the top 5 challenges they are currently struggling with and these are combined with the incidents that are regularly logged with our teams and then addressed in these sessions. It’s proven to be an effective way to not only ensure the capability development of the users, but also a way to open up communication channels between the ‘support’ teams and super users – I believe this is a powerful tool in ensuring that once stabilized, SAP will be used optimally in the future of the company – we’re excited about the journey.

    • Thanks for the post. This is great input. Is your Super User team formally managed with a leader? Be sure to get your super users connected to the SAPinsight community. It’s a great way for them to continue their learning with tips/tricks and knowledge sharing with other super user communities. Will anyone from your company be at SAPPHIRE?

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