Tip for Setting Your Start-Up Transaction in SAP

Tip for the SAP Super User:

Do you go to the same transaction every time, or almost every time, you log into SAP?  Wouldn’t it be nice if SAP would just go to that transaction automatically when you log in?  Well, it will!  It takes one easy setting that you can set on your own.

  1. From the SAP Easy Access Menu (Main Menu), follow the menu path Extras >> Set Start Transaction.
  2. In the Set start transaction pop-up box, enter the transaction code to set.
  3. Click on the Enter (green check) button.
  4. Log off and back on.
  5. When you log in, SAP will take you directly to the transaction you set as the start transaction.

Don’t worry, you still have access to all of SAP during your session.  This function simply starts you at your transaction instead of the SAP Easy Access Menu.  Once you complete your transaction, exit from the transaction as you normally would.  You can go back to the main menu and work in SAP as normal.

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