SAP Super Users Coming Together to Take a Bite Out of Hunger

Super Users are passionate, productive, problem solvers, supporters, advocates, ambassadors, leaders, volunteers, and the list goes on.  They make things happen in their company and out in the world. This is part of their personal DNA, it’s who they are.

SAPinsight, a community dedicated to SAP Super Users, has developed a fund-raising campaign on behalf of Feeding America, a verified nonprofit, to show the world what happens when Super Users unite for a cause.SAP Super Users Taking a bite out of HungerThe campaign runs through March 25th, 2015.

This story is Simple and Simple is powerful!  It’s a 4×4 action plan:

  • Donate $4
  • Share with 4 friends
  • To reach our goal of $4,444 in 44 days!

Ginger Luttrell, Founder of SAPinsight, says “I have always known how important Super Users are. Super Users have always known how important they are. But not everyone knows. This changes in 2015!  Let’s start with this campaign to show the world the power of peers. Since SAP just announced the launch of their next generation solution, S/4HANA, I thought it would be fitting to align this campaign to launch Super Users with SAP’s launch by asking all contributors to donate just $4. This fits well with SAP’s “Run Simple” mantra. By Simply giving $4 and sharing the campaign with at least 4 people, we will make a huge difference together!”

Jump in! Contribute, share with your co-workers, co-volunteers, and friends, and follow the campaign’s progress. If you aren’t a Super User, what a great way to show that you value Super Users by contributing your $4 and sharing with your 4 friends.

The Impact

Although $4 is not much to some, $4 to Feeding America is like providing 40 meals. Their 2014 stats show that $1 helps provide 10 meals. If we reach our goal, we will have helped provide 44,440 meals. That’s a SUPER sized bite!  If we exceed our goal, even better!

Other Ways You Can Help

Can’t contribute? That doesn’t mean you can’t help in 4 ways, pick your 4:

  • Email 4
  • Tweet
  • LinkedIn Update
  • Facebook Post
  • Pinterest Pin

And that’s all there is to it. Soooo SIMPLE!

Check it out at IndieGoGo! Join in!

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