Super User (R)evolution

Here we go, into a new dimension of business, a shift in how Super Users are viewed, valued, and supported and thereby extended to end users everywhere.  This is the long overdue but perfect timing book that I co-authored with my dear friend Michael Doane, celebrated author of The SAP Blue Book and The SAP Green Book.

I cannot even express to you how excited I am to be blessed with the opportunity to bring this book to the market.  This officially puts Super Users on the map and calls leaders to attention on this critically important role in corporate America, enterprise Super Users. Check out Michael’s blog  post that includes some great detail. With this book comes a combined five decades of information, knowledge, experience, and wisdom about what works, what doesn’t, what’s been tried, what should be considered, and much more in regards to business excellence.  It’s our opportunity to document all of this in one concise location and set the stage for the type of formality and discipline that is required for ultimate value on the business side of the enterprise landscape.

Listen to our podcast series on our website or on our YouTube channel where Michael and I have a great time briefing you on each chapter of the book.  You can order your copy of The Super User (R)evolution now.  Don’t get left in the dark.

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