SAPinsight Rebranding to SUNsource!

We’re changing our name, but not our Vision!


SAPinsight will become SUNsource!  “SUN” is our acronym for “Super User Network”. Our community is the source for uniting and igniting the passion and power of enterprise Super Users.

Our vision:  Every Enterprise Super User Across the Globe… United and Ignited!

SAPinsight is moving to the next chapter of our journey, rebranding from SAPinsight to SUNsource.  Why are we doing this?  Well, through multiple years of discussion among the Leader Board and the Executive Advisory Board members, and members of our community regarding the need to open our arms officially to all enterprise Super Users, we knew this would be part of our journey.  With the publishing of our system-agnostic book, The Super User (R)evolution, along with non-SAP companies reaching out wondering if they can be a part of our community, we all felt the timing is perfect.


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