Tip for Copy and Paste in SAP

Tip for the SAP Super User:

Some areas of SAP do not allow you to highlight characters to copy using the Windows copy function. When this is the case, press the ctrl+Y keys on the keyboard. If the function is available, the cursor will turn to a cross-hair “+”. You can then click and drag across the data you wish to copy. You then use the standard Windows copy (ctrl+C) and paste keys (ctrl+V) to copy and paste your selected data.

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3 thoughts on “Tip for Copy and Paste in SAP

  1. This is a great tip, thanks for sharing! I have shared this with my Super User Leads for all 8 functions!

  2. Share on your social media channels, share this link directly or copy/paste and share!!! Just be sure to share. We are raising the productivity curve one learnbyte at a time 🙂

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