Things to Consider When Deploying a SharePoint Portal for a SAP Super User Program

Sharepoint will greatly assist any SAP Super Users program. SharePoint provides a single platform for collaboration between all stakeholders. This is critical for consistent communication between the users, Information Technology, outside contractors and the management team. You can run your SAP transactions and processes directly from your SharePoint environment. This allows you to leverage your existing SharePoint (such as Workflows and Forms) and reduce duplication of work in SAP.

SAPinsight held a July Webinar on the subject “Integrate SAP Transactions with SharePoint”. This Webinar generated great discussion by the participants on the use of SharePoint for SAP Super User programs. We wanted to share those insights with you.

SAP companies are supporting their Super User programs by using SharePoint for managing documents, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, training documents, and more. The ticketing system can also be placed in SharePoint using the task list function. And this just touches the surface of opportunities available to a Super User program.

Here are some examples of processes that Super User teams use SharePoint for:SharePoint

  • Project testing
  • New member nomination and onboarding
  • Member transition
  • Task tracking
  • Periodic team capability review
  • Project documentation repository
  • Document review
  • Meeting and workshop planning
  • Training registration and records
  • Security profile reviews
  • Process improvements tracking
  • Logging improvement ideas to consider
  • Recognition programs

Check out these useful insights and considerations when designing a Super User SharePoint portal:

  • 3 click rule when designing sites and content management; try not to make them click more than 3 times to get to what they want/need.
  • Think about it like deciding whether to buy a book or not… you look at front cover, look at back cover, and read the outline.
  • Understand your audience needs; both the Super User team, those who support the Super User team and the user audience.
  • Have a design workshop but follow-up with continuous improvement and redesign sessions. Don’t let the portal happen by default.
  • Henry Ford – if I would have asked people what they need to get somewhere faster, they would have said give me a faster horse. Be aware that your audience will answer questions based on what they already know. You may have to introduce them into new ways to manage and engage in online collateral.
  • Continually redesign with changing needs of the team.
  • Consider having one or more people on the team who are the “SharePoint team gurus”. You can include SharePoint in their capability build plan.

To have an effective SharePoint Portal for the SAP Super Users to support their stakeholders, these points really need to be done right:

  • Be consistent in posting items that are used regularly. When you start, keep it up to encourage engagement.
  • Get off of share drives and get all content on to SharePoint
  • Drive behavioral changes through training and with management support

Use the Comments below to share your success stories using SharePoint in your Super User Program. If you have a question or need assistance with a SharePoint portal, post your question here. The Super User community is great at helping other Super Users.

Don’t miss the next Webinar from SAPinsight. You will get real life experiences from the participants to assist you in making your SAP Super User program as effective as possible. Check out the SAPinsight calendar of events. You can register at SAPinsight and stay updated and engaged with fellow Super Users.

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