Post on Distraction Attraction by Ginger Luttrell

This was originally posted by Ginger Luttrell on LinkedIn. It addresses technology enabled connectivity and distractions in the work environment and “Why can’t we focus?”

Ginger asks these questions about distraction in the workplace as we are “hyper-connected, hyper-available, hyper-interruptible.”

Is this a factor in the automotive recalls, the food recalls, or the airline issues? What about all the other quality issues in companies that never make it to the news? I can’t say for sure, but I have had conversations with way too many people who also believe that the quality of work is an issue, with this being one of the contributing factors.

As I stated earlier, my opinion is that we have allowed technology enabled connectivity to happen by default and not by design. Where are the technology codes of conduct and operating codes? The ones that

  • Provide employee and team support for dedicated work processing time to ensure quality outputs are not at risk.
  • Establish guidelines, boundaries and codes for business connectivity.
  • Clarify the boundaries between work and personal space.
  • Define management responsibilities for communicating, upholding, and being the example for the codes.

Go to Ginger’s original LinkedIn post and respond with your thoughts and recommendations. You will find interesting comments already posted with views and counter-views discussing ‘both sides of this coin’.

Ginger Luttrell is SAPinsight Founder, a Community and Conference dedicated to educating and connecting SAP Super Users.

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