Did You Know SAPinsight 2014 is November 5th and 6th

Did you know there is one SAP Super User for every 25 users, on average. And the Super User is getting more influential all the time. Join the SAP Super User Community. If you are already part of the vibrant group, join SAPinsight.

Did you know we had over 40 companies from 8 different States at SAPinsight 2013 conference last year. And that was our first year. If you missed that one, don’t miss out on this year’s. It is going to be great! Great speakers, great sponsors and great Super Users networking and learning.

Did you know SAPinsight is the only conference dedicated solely to the SAP Super User!

Connect – Learn – Influence – Contribute

Webinars for SAPinsight

Our 2014 Super User conference is now weeks away!
Time is running out… don’t wait to get registered.

Nov 5, for Super Users and their Leaders
Nov 6, combined with the ASUG DFW Chapter Meeting
Nov 7, Super User Leader Workshop

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