Never Underestimate the Power of your Influence

By Terrie Walker 2015-2017 SAPinsight Leader Board Member.

I’ve had the privilege, as a Super User Lead, to watch Super Users ‘grow’ in their career.  Not only because of the experience and skills they’ve learned through active participation in supporting projects, but also from the supportive and caring qualities they intrinsically possess as an individual.

I had the opportunity recently to have lunch with one Super User who moved to another organization to lead their own Super User group.  For me, it was a joy to see a new confidence in this individual as she progressed beyond her current role into a leadership position – now leading others to support project implementations and training new tools and process.  She now leads and challenges her Super Users to stretch and grow their capabilities through education, encouragement and acknowledgment of their efforts to reach goals.

Her words ENCOURAGED ME as she reminded me that I was a good example and mentor.  Hearing “if it hadn’t been for the teaching and encouragement I provided, she wouldn’t be where she was today.”  Holy Cow!  As a leader of Super Users her statement really struck me with a sense of pride and accomplishment. In my mind, she is a true ‘Super User success story’ that came out of the work I provided ‘just doing my job and loving what I did.’  As a Super User, it’s one thing to see ‘the lightbulb go on’ when training and building capabilities in others; but it’s entirely different when that lightbulb goes on to become a beacon for others to follow.

For the Super User Leads and Super Users reading this, as you work in your current role – because you love what you do and care about others and want your organization to be successful, never underestimate the power you have to every day influence others through the support and care you provide.  You never know the lasting impression you’ll leave … by just doing your job and loving what you do.

I encourage you all to attend SAPinsight’s SEE2017 conference October 26-27 where you’ll meet and hear other Super User Leaders, Super Users and Executive Sponsors who may influence YOU!

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