The End of Your Comfort Zone

By Lisa Ayala 2016-2017 SAPinsight Leader Board Member.

What distinguishes the great Super User from the many, very good Super Users? The initial response is that great ones stand out due to high personal achievement, strong drive for success or simple dogged determination to reach the goal. Upon further contemplation, it is apparent there is a notable determining factor to distinguish good from GREAT.   It is uncovered as we examine the training process, facilitated through personal development by Super User Leaders.     

Preparing and training new Super Users for their role supporting users in the end-to-end business process entails hours of instruction and self-paced learning.  This interactive learning style provides a foundation of knowledge around the system, process and human interactions in the new way of working.  Super User Leaders spend time coaching new Super Users on the likely exceptions and unexpected scenarios for the changed business process.  Equally important to preparation is the coaching on how Super Users will respond and interact with end users.  The formation of a GREAT Super User begins with intentional training and excels with a mindset that goes beyond the familiar to a new space. 

Super Users with an open mindset are willing to let go of comforts of the known systems to embrace the possibilities of the new solution.  These early adopters are the first to grasp the vision and are eager to share the excitement as they go about their daily activities.   Likewise, there will be resisters who play a valuable role in the transition.  They listen carefully to what is being communicated, not getting lost on how and from whom the information comes.  There are salient points the detractors may have, although not always delivered in a manner that is easy to understand and apply. 

Experience shows that a Super User who is willing to walk in the path of the End User, to see through another’s lens, has the capacity to understand, the empathy to relate and the emotional intelligence to guide effective resolution.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to create a balance between knowing what you don’t know and that what you do know can be improved. Developing this skill is critical to the success of the new Super User.

Our challenge as leaders and Super Users together is to create the environment and safe space where this self-awareness can take place for our Super User development. Then we unlock the potential to achieve unimaginable success in our program!

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