Post on the Curse of Knowledge

This was originally posted by Ginger Luttrell on LinkedIn.

Ginger Luttrell states in her recent post in LinkedIn called The Curse of Knowledge “…many SAP Super Users have mastered delivering clear and simple information and instructions. That’s part of what makes them so effective in their job of supporting user productivity. They often have to take complexity and make it seem simple for the users they support.Technical details

Ginger goes on to say that this goes well with  SAP Run Simple, the company message of the CEO of SAP, Bill McDermott, As stated in the USA Today article by Jon Swartz SAP head wants to simplify company’s product line, message

The most intractable challenge for a CEO today is complexity, McDermott says, waving a sheet of statistics to highlight his point. An Economist piece in 2010 said 90% of executives think business is becoming more complex; 40% of executives polled by McKinsey worry their organizations can’t keep pace.

Ginger’s message to the SAP Super User follows this line of thought by saying “…the first call to action is to work on simplifying our messages, right-sizing our content, and knowing our audience. If you do this, you can turn the curse of knowledge into the blessings of being a valued and trusted partner.”

Go to Ginger’s original LinkedIn post and respond with your thoughts and personal experiences. .

Ginger Luttrell is SAPinsight Founder, a Community and Conference dedicated to educating and connecting SAP Super Users.



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