End Users: Death by a Thousand Cuts

So what’s the state of your end user performance?  Do you know?

I would say that overall, end users have been left on their own with the, “They’ll figure it out” strategy as Michael Doane refers to it in the Super User (R)evolution.  According to this article in Software Magazine, a research study by Michael Management Corporation revealed 62 percent of respondents shared that they did not receive any SAP training during the 12 months preceding the SAP implementation.  If we polled end users about how much training they have received during a 3 year post implementation period, what do you think we would find?

Let me know if you have a report on that, even if it’s old news.  From where I sit, it doesn’t look like there’s much difference from old news to new news.

When you don’t provide your end users with proper training, refresher training, and effective support on the enterprise tools they use to execute business transactions, your business may be slowly bleeding out.

I addressed this in a series post back in 2017.  But seriously, those posts could have been written almost any year and they would hold relevance.

Let’s take a look at some of the thousand cuts:

  • End user makes an error and the wrong shipping address is used.
    • Shipment does not make it to the customer on time.  OMG don’t get me started on the fact that this could negatively impact a customer’s commitment to their own customer.
    • Whoever received the package has to take time from their schedule to get this returned.
    • Someone, or more likely some people, have to process the return of goods.
    • Correct shipment to the correct address has to be processed.
    • Someone has to call the customer, right???
    • You get the picture, right?  One seemingly small error can translate into much more damage than meets the eye.  We’re bleeding$$
  • Read “The Story of Alice” on page 22 in The Super User (R)evolution. Through no fault of her own, she was delaying 30% of the company’s business by up to one full day.  She was responsible for reviewing and processing all order > $10,000.  YIKES!  Can you see we’re bleeding here$$$
  • And it’s not just your FTEs, what about contract support?  I came across a company that had to rent jets, yep I said jets, to fly critical parts to their customer’s manufacturing plant to prevent slowing down or stopping the manufacturing line due to part shortages.  This was due to contract help who were not properly trained in warehousing procedures and protocols.  Parts were physically in the warehouse, but the system had no idea where they were.  Think stronger word than YIKES when the CFO caught wind of this.  HEY… WE”RE BLEEDING$$$$
  • I’m sure you have your own stories.  Jump over to our LinkedIn group to share.

We’re talking to two SUNsource member companies right now who have heard the cry of the bleeding.  They are taking a very strategic look at the state of their end user health.   We have an online member meetup where they will discuss their work.

If you aren’t a member now, it’s great to join.  We have some exciting activities rolling out soon to support this journey to EUtopia.  Our members will be the first to get the news and opportunities.

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